Gainful Employment-Disclosure

Gainful Employment-Disclosure

The KCM Barber School provides adequate information in order for prospective students, prospective employees, currently enrolled students, currently employed staff and the general public to be well informed and make a sound decision when choosing our institution as the school of preference.


This institution provides training in recognized programs that prepare the students to “gainful employment”.   A recognized occupation is defined by a Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) code established by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) or an Occupational Information Network O* NET-SOC code established by the Department of Labor.

Recognized Occupation code:

Barber 39-5011.00      CIP Code    12.0402

You can follow the link below for more information on the disclosure for Barbering

Program Costs:

Tuition                 $5,375
Registration         $100
Kit & Books          $ 1,200
TOTAL COST      $6,675

NACCAS Completion Rates (Based on 2009-2010 Award Year)

Job Placement Rate:                           90%
Licensure Rate:                                    100%
On Time Completion Rate:                                     50%

Median Loan Debt:  9454.00